Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Give Away

You guys, I am so excited. Our first give away... featuring the fantastic make up memoir, "Going Rouge" by Sarah Palin. You can learn all of her beauty tricks. Whispy bangs galore! Bump it. A $28.99 value for a lifetime of beauty tips, rimless glasses and pizzaz. Leave a comment and a winner will be chosen at random. You have until Monday.

update: Mazel tov, David. She's yours.


  1. raves "People who bought this book also bought no other books in their entire life." -Jimmy Fallon

    ...pick me?

  2. Hey, at least the conservatives are learning to read!

    Bump it, yes please. Going Rogue, ummm no thnx.

  3. sarah palin is my hero because she is so full of perseverence. i have lots of perseverence and i've held a full time job for 0 years. she is so awesome because she was governor for like 2 years. incredible.