Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cady Heron follows in the footsteps of her humanitarian parents

Letter to my fans regarding my partnership with the state of india and the BBC:

FIRST, i want to thank the arthurs of this blog for giving me access to this fourum and before i start i want to make something very clear: i am a serious actress who takes acting seriously and just because my friends who aren't my friends but i thought were my friends have betrayed me in the past (you know who you are, SAM) doesn't mean that i am irresponsible or a bad actress.

now i would like to address my latest documentary in india (shout up to the BCC!) which will be a film that will showcase my talents as a serious actress but also a serious human being who is concerned about human traffic and poorness and water conditions that make it difficult to boil rice and pasta which leads to starvation. i've been told they r shopping the title as "the slumdog and the millionaire" and i will be playing the millionaire and in a twist sure 2 shock u i will also play the slumdog as u will see how genuinely sad these conditions make me. i will showcase two sides of myself (one might have dark hari and one might have light.) I'm returning to my roots playing duel roles like i did in parent trap (RIP Natasha, I miss u always) there is currently no word on a release date but i will say that this documentary will be VERY sad and it will tear at your hearts and if u don't see it you might be missing the next oscar nominee for best documentary or best actress in a documentary.

LAST, dina wanted me to let all U haters know that my reason 4 doing this is because of humaniteranium side and NOT bc of the large generic pharmaceutical industry in india (generic is for poor people). thats rediculous.

ps sam, call me


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