Monday, November 30, 2009


Maybe its because I don't really remember the 80's, (I was less than 5 years old, but I'm pretty sure the quaaludes didn't help) but I get quite nostalgic about the early 90's. I miss the days in which watching peroxide blondes and oiled up hotties gyrate for an hour on Mtv Beach House or The Grind was considered quality programming. I miss the
old Jenny McCarthy... before she thought she could single handedly cure autism. I want to wear a Budweiser swim suit. And not ironically.


  1. Remember that one Jenny McCarthy show on MTV, "Singled Out." She was beyond obnoxious, but somehow likable. Maybe I'm partial since she's a Chicagoan like me! ahahahah Oh the 90s.

  2. jenny mccarthy thinking she can "cure" autism makes me hopping mad.